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Student Management in VMS School ERP Software

VMS Student Management and Educational Software

VMS Education Software is computer software with the primary purpose of teaching or self-learning. Using computer software and hardware in education and training goes back to the early 40s, when American researchers were able to develop flight simulators that used analog computers for generating simulated onboard instrument data.

These days, education software constituents of the identity of a school as they could deliver all the associated tasks. Software at present even provides the facility and access to parents for a bird’s view of the progress of their children in the classroom.

The Relevance Of Educational Software

More and more educational software organizations, both online and offline are coming up to help fill a need for more personalized, interactive educational experiences for students and teachers alike. There are numerous benefits to these systems and, most importantly, education software is a cost-efficient solution for educational organizations that want to manage information and data regarding their students in an organized way.

Benefits Of Educational Software

Educational software integrates multimedia content and provides users a high interactivity level. The two features distinguish them from traditional teaching practices. Multimedia content, such as graphics, pictures, and sound help engage students in their lessons. For example, when it comes to learning history, students could go back and see videos or other online-based content related to it. Furthermore, an online education software benefits teachers, allowing them to better connect with the students and help them keep students interested in a lesson. Finally, it also promotes a productive learning environment.

Definitely, educational institutions have become more diverse and thus they could not risk being simple education temples. Using an educational software has become vital for schools at present.

Student Information System (SIS)

What Is A Student Information System?

A Student Information System (SIS), also referred to as a Student Management System (SMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS) or Student Record System (SRS), is a software solution designed to help schools track and manage all their student data – everything from grades, attendance, behavioural information and more.

Basically, an SIS serves as the core database for all school operations, and over the past few decades, many of them have also incorporated additional features and modules to manage administrative tasks such as:

An effective SIS provides schools with a centralized system to manage student data. SIS software, however, is not only used by teachers and school administrators – it often has apps or portals for parents and students too, making it an effective tool for communication and consolidated data collection.

Why Student Information System (SIS)?

The ultimate target of an educational institution is to enhance the performance of every student. This can promptly be achieved by analyzing the performance of each student using competent analytic tools such as a dashboard. The information thus obtained can be deployed for taking effective as well as corrective measures to help them in performing better and realizing their potential. If not done systematically, this process may become time consuming and tedious. Student Information System (SIS) assists the institutions to manage every single detail about students in a holistic, organized and cost-effective way. Education ERP completely and efficiently eliminates the need of faculty members to spend a considerable amount of time in compiling student data. Thereby assisting the faculty members in channelizing their concentration on the students and their performance enhancement.

Features Of Student Information Management System (SIMS)

Student information system has gained huge popularity in the educational sector because of its unique characteristics which has helped countless schools and higher educational institutes immensely. Right from maintaining and updating student data with proficiency to analyzing and creating reports, the education management software has helped substantially. Here are some valued features of SIS:

Why Use VMS Services?

VMS products are time tested and trusted via major educational campuses pan India. We provide 100% reliable and compliant, ERP and student information management solutions. Schools and higher educational institutes have been and will be our first and only priority which makes us stand out. Having worked with both major and upcoming institutions and campuses all over India, we have developed a deep understanding of how the educational sector works and what are the precise requirements. We cater to the needs and demands of the administration as well as the students and their parents.

Here are a few attributes which throw light on VMS services: Supports all kinds of advanced technologies like RFID smart cards, mobile apps, secured online payment gateway which includes all types of payment modes like credit/debit cards, Paytm, Mobile wallets etc. Keeps track of students' progress and offers safety on campus and online via student data management software. With the help of smart cards the time a student enters or leaves the premises is noted. Also, RFID enabled attendance can be marked. Constructively helps in establishing a connection between students, administrative staff, and teachers via apps, emails, SMS notifications, etc. Assists the management by maintaining transparency with the help of specially designed campus management software and increases productivity by eliminating human errors. Eases administrative tasks such as admission process, attendance management, examination process etc by education ERP. Provides accurate, systematic and valuable reports with the help of analytics tools which can be used for different kinds of analysis and submitted to higher authorities for evaluation or decision making.

The requirements of schools and higher-education campuses are changing with the present dynamic educational scenario. At such times, a proficient and adept student information system or education ERP is the need of the hour. A productive and worthwhile student management system provides successful leveraging of the best in-house technology that helps the faculties and staff to track all types of student related data.

SIS by VMS, created with the state of the art technology and years of knowledge and expertise, eases the educational process by establishing a wider link between students, teachers, parents and administration. We absolutely understand that no two institutions work in the same manner and hence we offer a customized student data management software which is tailor made to suit the specific needs of a particular institute.

The Rise Of The School-Tech Stack

In some ways, this is similar to managing software within a school. With the rapid growth of new school software, IT departments are now stacking technologies together with their existing SIS, to create an integrated series of tools that allow them to effectively manage school administration.

In order for schools to get the most out of their SIS, it’s important to consider the following when adding new software systems to your tech-stack:

Give your School-Tech Stack a boost by using VMS to keep track of student’s movements, ensure student safety and accountability, and empower staff to fulfil their duty of care. As a cloud-based application, with certified data security and native integrations partners, VMS is tech-stack ready.

Features of VMS SIS

Classroom Schedule Management

With VMS’s Scheduling Software, schools can effortlessly allocate enrolments to classes, teachers to respective grades and subject periods to a specific class, determine the strength of a class and assign classrooms.

Effective parent-teacher communication is a cornerstone to effective parent involvement. Each progress report or report card provides an opportunity for teachers to give parents insight into their child’s performance beyond a letter or numerical grade for conduct or academics.

Academics Schedule Management

Create timetables for diverse schedules such as school academics’, students’, teachers and exam timetable and plan classes for each grade level.

Class Category Management

Schools can now group categories across a school such as Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School, Senior/Secondary, Senior Secondary, and so on. This will help generate comprehensive reports, parent concerns, staff concerns and more.

Meticulous Student Search

Schools can run a thorough student search with all vital information pertaining to a student such as Contact Information, Transportation, Anecdotes, Discipline, Gradebook, Documents, and so much more. Restrict sensitive data visibility based on authority roles.

Student Promotions/Demotions

Promote students towards the end of the year as needed. Schools can promote students financially and collect the following academic year’s fee in advance while the current year is in progress while also detaining students who would happen to continue in the same grade for the following academic year.

Student Account Activation/Inactivation

Students account activation and inactivation is rightfully halted facing the fee dues with approval from the concerned authorities.

Data Masking

Data security is integral and area of concern for our users. It’s not rocket science to figure why a single breach of a user’s personal data could cause serious damage to the user. In the process, VMS ensures user data security by taking it a step further and mask important student’s personal data (contact and address information). However, the authority to enable/unmask these details lies with the System Admin.

Restricted Role-Based Access

School personnel have restricted role-based access – System Administrator, Staff, Teachers. Data and service access can be defined for highly granular controls to ensure higher accountability and restrict access to sensitive content to unauthorised persons. Every user has a unique login username and strong system administered password for absolute security. Email alerts are sent instantly to management on the download of reports, SMS, Emails sent to parents.

Two-factor Authentication

Parents undergo a 2 step authentication―login with given credentials and OTP verification for greater security.

Other Features

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