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VMS School ERP Software

What is a School Management Software?

A set of software systems and mobile apps that are specially designed to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of schools. School management software allow schools to digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform. In contemporary, most of the schools are using school management software to increase efficiency, productivity, and hence saving a lot of time involved to carry out various administrative operations. These software also help in reducing the pressure of managing huge data from schools.

Right from keeping a track of a student’s attendance to generating aesthetic report cards with a single click, school management software let schools perform a large number of tasks with the power of automation. Parents can easily keep track of their ward’s performance and look after his or her academic needs. Not to mention, school management system have rightly replaced the traditional method of data management with pen and register, thus reducing the possibility of errors in the process. Furthermore, a lot of expenditure and time is saved, letting the school staff perform more work in a lesser amount of time and that too with higher accuracy.

A School management software is an integrated educational ERP solution which is designed ; developed to streamline, automate, and simplify all the work processes in a school. From managing online admissions, daily attendance, assigning homework, assessments, examination management, timetable management, finance and payroll management, and library management, theVMS School ERP softwareoffers various modules for complete campus administration ; enables educators to make quick ; thoughtful decisions that enhance student ; faculty performance ; drive institutional growth.

VMS School Management Software for Different Boards in India

1)State Board of Education

Every state in India has its own board of education that conducts certificate examinations for classes X to XII. The curriculum and co-curricular activities of each state board are based upon the regional history and relevance. VMS offers customized solutions for all State Boards.

2)The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

All CBSE schools, private and public fall under the large umbrella of the Union Government of India, and follow the syllabus designed by NCERT. We Offer - Cloud enabled CBSE School Management Software, tailored keeping in mind CBSE norms and requirements.

Why VMS?

For School, College, University or any Education related Institution managing a singled branch of having to manage multiple branches or chain of franchise centres, they need a School ERP Software that makes the day to day administrative process streamline and hassle-free. If you are looking for the best school management software in India, then you are absolutely at the right place. VMS School Management Software is one of the best school management software/system to help take schooling to the next level. Various benefits like student management, various alerts, homework, picture/video gallery sharing, homework submissions, staff management, payroll management, Library management, Asset and Inventory management, student records management, documents and KYC management and much more can all be easily be managed with VMS Education Software or VMS Mobile App

VMS is our all-in-one cloud-based solution to manage all school operations with one click. VMS has been built keeping in mind privacy and security of our users hence “whatever you do on VMS, stays on VMS”. Our solution is quick and easy to setup, hence reducing downtime in your workflow. The simplistic UI and navigation make it easy for even the beginner to use VMS. Since VMS is cloud based, you do not need to have any cloud infrastructure to use VMS, thus making it attractive and cost effective.

VMS is considered as the most user-friendly School ERP that helps in connecting teachers, principals, management, and parents on a single platform. Powered with cloud computing, VMS helps academic institutions in keeping a track of daily school activities and hence fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

VMS Education Software and ERP is India’s most appreciated school ERP, it is a Cloud-based School Management Software ensuring robustness and scalability. It has modules that make the day-to-day administrative process hassle-free whether it is about student information system, E-learning, fees management, admission management, Student attendance management, payroll management and employee management; makes the things trouble-free. It also provides an option to display information as graphical representation along with easy-to-use GUI. With VMS Mobile App parents can stay updated with every required detail of their child. Another eminent feature that makes the VMS system to stand out is E-learning feature that comes along integrated for sharing content and conduction of online classes, it also allows to conduct assessment/quiz both subjective and objective type with the option of instant result generation. All these features make the VMS school management software most preferred school management software delivering over 200+ schools and connecting over millions of parents.

VMS is also fast and reliable as it supports Online and offline school administration software that is designed on a very lightweight development. The VMS Mobile app is less then 5Mb and works at lightning speed. It provides complete Finance Management, Student online and offline enrolment. One of the unique features is App Notification, SMS and WhatsApp Integration all under a single platform. It allows sending parents messages like fees dues reminder, transport, attendance related, homework, holidays etc. so that parents stay updated with latest updates.

VMS is all in one school management software that fits and delivers requirements of every school or college. It provides different role-based rights to users. Using VMS school management system school can hassle-freely do lesson planning, achievement tracking, fee payment, library management, and much more.

VMS is also a secure school management platform with very affordable pricing plans. This software comes along all the modules required to manage the day-to-day work easily and keep on track on each and everything related to school. It provides automated cloud backup, VMS optimizes the processes at the school by up to 90%. It ensures a complete solution for streamlined administrative processes so that management is able to focus at the core organization for better outputs.

With VMS there is no need to install any kind of software on a desktop, it is a cloud computing school ERP solution. Schools and users having rights can easily access the required data from anywhere, anytime. Another eminent feature of this software is that it could be operated easily by someone having basic computer knowledge. It is user friendly and is simply designed to deliver the needs. The system is also available on role based mobile applications separately for teachers, students, and various supervisors. It helps parents to stay updated with real time notifications.

VMSZone School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency, and productivity. The Solution is cloud based and supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, mobile apps, email alerts, etc.

What is School ERP?

“School ERP” commonly referred as “School Enterprise Resource Planning System” is a software that Schools use to manage day to day activities including administrative activities, student information, fee management, homework management, student attendance, e-learning management and other school activities.

Why VMS School Management System Software?

VMS believes that true breakthroughs in advancement are achieved when administrative and managerial activities are automated. As schools have comprehensive subjects and complex exam patterns; the need to go digital is paramount. These are the topadvantages of school management system.

Features Incorporated in VMS School ERP

Visitors Management:  Visitor's data can be managed through this module. For all new visitors it creates a database with all his/her details along with photo, purpose of visit and person details whom he/she wants to meet school etc.

Student's Learning Assessment: It's a very Unique Service developed by School ERP team to analysis the Students overall performance at the Class. In this we provide a question bank (designed by teachers) chapter wise from which a random question paper is being prepared for the students at the end of each chapter studied, to analysis the Student learning outcome of that Chapter.

School Management Portal Benefits

Principal Portal

Using the principal communication portal, the principal or head of the school can check the overview of the school's overall activities - classroom content, student information, calendars.They can instantly reach out to parents, teachers, and school management. Since it is a centralised and secure platform, there is no need to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

The ERP system works as an input of information and portals are considered as the output of that information. On the principal portal,principals can see the attendance, strength of the school, category-wise fee collection as well as the payrolls of the employed staff. They can also send out individual or bulk messages directly to teachers and parents.

Management Portal

The management portal lets the principal or anyone from the school management who has been granted access to have quick access to the details including student information, fees, news, attendance, parents' login history, and library transactions in a graphical representation. It streamlines administrative tasks and eliminates unnecessary paperwork, making schools much more efficient.

Using the management portal, the school staff can view category-wise fee collection, annual reports, and batch-wise dropouts. They can quickly obtain the mark sheets, transfer certificates and other essential documents of current students as well as of alumni.

Teacher Portal

The teacher portal, a virtual tool used by teachers to build mutual trust with parents, is linked with our online school ERP. It is specially designed to cater to the specific needs of the schools associated with various Indian boards of education including IB, ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE.

The communication portal lets teachers post photos and event information which helps them connect with parents. Teachers can access student information, faculty and staff directory, among others.

The highlight of the portal is its SMS and notification facility which bridges the teacher-parent communication gap. Teachers can directly send remarks, assignments and any other important piece of information to parents without meeting them in person. It makes communication much faster, efficient, and hassle-free.

The teacher portal lets teachers mark attendance, enter subject-wise test scores, and maintain mark sheets. Its library management tool allows the faculty to search and reserve books for themselves.

Most features of the teacher portal are available on theVMS mobile apps (compatible with both Android and iOS platforms). Teachers can log in with their unique user ID and view their lesson plans, schedules, upcoming events, progress reports as well as attendance of a student.

Parent Portal

Designed to work with our online school ERP, the VMS parent portal centralises all the school-parent interaction and serves as a single point of reference for parents. It enables parents to monitor their child’s everyday activities and keep up with schools as well as teachers. It comes with features such as school event tracking, student attendance module, assignment status ; submission, disciplinary remarks, parent diary, fee management, examination ; result, among others.

Parents can log in with their user id to view the academic calendar and send messages to teachers and the principal anytime regarding any concerns. Along with filing leaves online, they can see the class time table and timely report cards of their ward and track their progress.

Integrated with school ERP software, the portal maintains a complete profile of each student. It facilitates parents to pay school fee online. The best feature is that it accepts payment via debit/credit card and net banking. Theparent communication portalis linked with the school management app for parents which notifies parents for any due fee and previous fee deposit details.

Parents can search for books in the library as well as check the status of the library transaction. Using the parent portal, they can reserve the books for their wards. Our parent communication saves parents time by providing all information on a single platform.

Different Modules of VMS ERP

Admission Management

Admission processes are one of the most important and complex administrative tasks. Our Admission management module ensures streamlined and trouble-free admission related procedures. From admission related inquiries to filling up the registration form, uploading document and payments all these could be easily be done online with this eminent solution. It also provides a smart option to track the applicant’s status hassle-freely.


Our School ERP software ensures bridging the communication gap between parents and teachers. Parents are able to directly communicate to the student’s class teacher, principal, or other concerned school authority directly with the school Mobile App. This feature allows us to generate the circulars and send them all together to all the students.

Lesson Planning

Now the teacher will be able to plan lessons on a daily basis and also will be able to keep records for the same. It comes along the teacher’s calendar and also a helpful feature of addition or modification of various fields as per requirement. For any class, subject or teacher report of lesson plan coverage could be generated with a click.

E-Learning Module

This smartly designed advanced learning solution ensures that learning do not stops in any situation. Students are able to access the resources anywhere anytime. It allows students and teachers to direct connect to the live class. It allows the subject teacher to conduct online assessments with option of instant result generation and much more.

Staff Recruitment

Staff recruitment is also one of the complex school administrative processes which along smart ERP becomes trouble-free. It provides options to the concerned authority to create vacancy requisition and along with the process of approval/denial. Also, candidate information can be filled up and stored over the cloud. Also, it allows generating and sending the customized offer letters to selected candidates.

Examination and Analysis

Our software provides the option to gauge the performance of the students using an interactive graphical dashboard. Teachers are able to gauge the student performance subject wise, class wise or term wise. Also, customized report cards could be easily generated, which could be further published online and checked using mobile app.

Fee management

Fees related tasks are quite complex and required to be done with proper focus. Our ERP not only makes the process simpler but also hassle-free. It allows to generate the fee receipts of the students. Also it comes with an interactive dashboard that displays important information like dues, daily collection, etc. in order the easily interpret the required details. Along with that, it provides option to send automated fees due reminders to parents.

Homework Assignments

Using this software teacher is able to assign homework, assignments of different subject class wise in various supporting formats like .doc, .pdf, .pptx, etc. Also, students can submit the homework using the mobile app easily.

Inventory Management

This module cut down the inappropriate management of inventories. Using this school can keep track on purchases being made, the materials and things being utilized, items being sold, etc. Also there is option to send online requisition by staff members for their requirements.

Library Management

Filling up book details of the library is quite a hectic task, which could be made trouble-free using smart ERP solutions. Our software allows auto-filling of book details using ISBN code online. Also, all the book details could be arranged easily using the DDC system. Also, it allows marking library attendance and managing issues and returning books hassle-freely.

Employee Information

Maintaining staff information is one of the important administrative processes. Using smart ERP software like ours makes the process streamlined. It allows to create the user-defined field as per requirements. So that data could be stored securely over the server.

Mobile SMS

This is one of the most efficient features of the software. This robust feature helps parents to stay updated with the latest happenings of school and the latest information of their child. It allows to shoot important Bulk SMS to all parents in just one click.

Payroll Management

Payroll related tasks are required to be carried with precision. Using these module salaries could be processed precisely. It makes the process simpler and faster. It generates salaries with attendance synchronization. Not only this using this module calculation related to the ESI and PF deductions is also possible.

Employee Attendance

This module is helpful in maintaining staff attendance. From Punch into Punch-Out time every required information could be related to staff attendance gets stored over the cloud, which could be easily accessed. Also, this module includes an interactive dashboard which displays summarized reports.

Student Achievements

Now records of all school activities along with Image gallery can be efficiently maintained using the smart Student Achievements module. It helps to access the required information by using a smart filter of group-wise, section wise, class-wise, etc. Also, this module allows school to generate achievement certificates easily.

Student Attendance

Among other school related processes, attendance management is one of the complex and important administrative processes. This module helps to maintain the student attendance data, right from the moment students entered the school premises. For further security measures, it also sends SMS to parents so that they keep on their ward on track.

Student Information

Maintaining the data of all the students is a hectic task and requires lots of paperwork. Also accessing the required student information whenever required becomes very time-consuming. This module is a solution to all the issues with student information management. It allows to maintain the student data using required user-defined fields and smart search bar option allows to search the required student as per requirement.

Student Image Gallery

This module helps schools to display the images of students, class-wise, group-wise, section-wise along with title and description of the event. By login to the ERP portal students are able to see the image gallery on the wall; it helps the students to know each other and more about the latest happenings of the school.

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

#1:Increases Productivity

Theschool management information systemboosts the productivity of the institute. The reason for the increase in productivity is decreased time to maintain the track records and increased accuracy in organizing the data. Less time leads to keeping the institute focused on the productivity of the school.

#2:Best Student-Teacher Collaboration

Using the cloud based school ERP leads to student-teacher collaboration beyond the classroom. This increases the interaction between the staff and the students. The interaction happens over the application (online) where the teacher is available to answer queries of the students. It also facilitates a friendly atmosphere in academics.

#3:Saves Natural Resources

Stationary right from the paper files to records is saved when the ERP system is used for performing routine administrative tasks. It leads to saving the natural resources and keeps a digital track of the data. Also it does not create a mess of the records to be maintained.

#4:Access from Anywhere

The software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. A record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility. It also facilitates providing immediate information to all the stakeholders. All they require is the credentials of the online education ERP portal.

#5:Increase in Student Enrolment Ratio

Due to the hectic schedule of the organizations and the tough decision-making policies, it becomes troublesome to check in with the enrolment ratio of the students. It is thus required to implement proper school software so as to reduce the burden from various activities.Features of the school anagement systemsuch asanalytics dashboard ; reports enerationlets the organization focus on increasing the students’ enrolment.

#6:Transparency with Parents Increases

Thecloud based ERP software, leads to the interaction with the parents as well. Parents can check on their wards from time to time and keep a track of their advances in the academic fields. This leads to the transparency between the parents and the wards.

#7:Reduction in the Cost of Communication

All the essential data is available on the software and hence there is a reduction in the cost of communication, which includes calling and sending out messages to let the parents and student know about the various activities within the institution.

#8:Reduces Workload.

The workload upon the staff members is reduced as the teachers need to be technology driven. This leads them to work upon the ERP and send out the required data to the students and their parents over the system. It reduces the workload from the teachers and saves time.

In a nutshell, the advantages of a school management system are tremendous and cover all the areas of the organization. Right from administration department to teaching-learning, it helps in maintaining the best digital educational ecosystem.

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