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School CRM / Enquiry Management

What Is A CRM And How Can it Improve a School’s Enrolment Marketing?

One of the most challenging aspects of school enrollment marketing is keeping track of “where” in the recruitment cycle every prospective family currently sits. Having a good system in place allows you to personally nurture every contact from interested, engaged, and ultimately, an enrolled student/family.

However, this can get challenging when you are trying to do this well for a large number of prospective students.

VMS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is designed to give you a holistic look at all your prospective customers or contacts.

One of the improvements that we made in our engagement that significantly improved this process was to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)software called VMS Enquiry Management which allows schools, colleges or any education institutions to automate a significant amount of the work and track “where” in the recruitment cycle every potential student was.

The Enquiry management software for schools can significantly improve the operations of your enrolment efforts and allow you to provide a more effective student recruitment process.

Benefits of School CRM.

A School CRM Can Be a Single Repository for Data

One of the hardest parts of enrollment management is in identifying prospective parents.

Having a single spot for all your prospective parents’ contact information to reside in is a huge boon for a school.Knowing and identifying “who” is interested in your school is the costliest and most time-consuming part of a good enrolment system. No longer are you having to juggle multiple Google Sheets and worry if somebody is changing all the information by;accident.

It also allows you to group them in buckets, track interactions, and most importantly segment these parent’s information for automated interactions

Having all your data in VMS School CRM allows you to more easily conduct data;analysis and connect these dots.Many schools gather a lot of data, but because none of it is centralized, they can’t easily analyse it to spot patterns, and most critically, can’t use it to drive improvement.

Automate Your Enrolment Activities

A good student enrolment program requires a lot of follow up and personalized interactions. Anyone who has done this knows how labour-intensive these things can be. Here is where a school CRM can significantly improve your activities and save you a ton of time.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you have a “request more information” form on your website. This is a great way for parents who are interested in your school to get more information as they are shopping. This also represents the first, critical step as they go from a prospective parent to an engaged parent.

With VMS School CRM, you can easily integrate this website form into your system. When a parent puts their contact information into the form, that information automatically creates a new parent record, tags them as a “prospective parent” and automatically sends out SMS/email to them with a link to your infographic that gives all the relevant information about your school.

Next,you can easily set up a rule that allows you to send a couple of more SMS/emails over the next two weeks to that prospective parent sharing more information and asking them to register for a school tour. No longer is someone having to actively monitor that email box or even worse, the parent getting an “out of office” notification because someone is on vacation.

This automation takes a little bit of work to set up on the front end, but once it is done, you save an incredible amount of time by automating these repetitive tasks. Additionally, you have created a much better initial experience with your school.

Segment Your Contacts

Nobody likes to get mail that is addressed to “occupant”. Similarly, when you are attempting to recruit parents to your school, they want you to feel like you are treating them as an individual and addressing their needs. A school CRM really improves your ability to personalize your interactions. For example, let us say that you have a great arts program as well as an award-winning STEM program. By “tagging” each prospective parent by their interest (STEM vs. Art), it allows you to customize your follow up SMS with information that is relevant to the parent.

Reporting and Analytics

Another significant benefit that VMS CRM can bring to a school is the ability to track and manage all the enrolment data in one easy to access place with simple reports. Being able to provide a snapshot to the leadership of the school of the number of families in the inquiry stage, nurturing stage, or who have signed up for a school tour is priceless. This also gives you the ability to track how effective each “lead generation” tactic is because you will know how you first identified that parent in the first place.

Many schools struggle with rich data analysis when it comes to enrolment and VMS School CRM and Enquiry Tracker which was built for admissions simplifies this task immensely.

Finally,remember that the most important thing is getting the most value out of these tools is to clearly map out your business processes and ensure that you are incorporating a School CRM where it makes the most sense. These are very powerful tools, but you need to ensure that you are using them in the right way to derive the most value. And if you cannot commit to changing your business processes to leverage the power of a school CRM – it will not help you at all.

Once you start using VMS School CRM and start to see the value in how it makes you more efficient and personalizes your recruitment efforts, you will wonder how you lived without it!

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