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VMS RFID Attendance Management

VMS RFID Attendance Management

The most popular technology in automating attendance is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

RFID usage for Student Attendance Management System uses the following simple mechanism and marks attendance of the entire class within seconds:

Benefits of the VMS RFID Attendance System or Smart Attendance System

School Administration

Using VMS RFID system, the admin can maintain and track arrival and departure times of individual students. In this way, any late arrivals and departures as well as absenteeism can be monitored and tracked.

For example, in case a student is reported to have boarded the school bus, but did not report arrival into the school premises, immediate action can be taken to locate his whereabouts.

One key advantage of the VMS RFID system is that it is simply plug and play, it connect to school WIFI, no special wiring is required or no technical know-how is needed. The status of the RFID can also be checked on Mobile or Desktop inside VMS Supervisor App,

Besides tracking in and out times, It can also maintain every student’s daily, monthly, and yearly attendance data. These can be tracked and long periods of absenteeism can be dealt with.

The biggest advantage of VMS RFID system is that the admin does not have to be technically sound to run it. This is because all student records are generated automatically.


With the help of VMS RFID system, parents can track the in and out time of their child. They will be instantaneously informed about the arrival and departure time of the student the moment the RFID device interacts with the Smart Card.

By knowing that their children have reached school safely, parents can spend the rest of their day free from anxiety.

With Photo capture parents will also be able to see childs pictures to be double sure of the security of the child

Importance of Automation

Attendance needs to be taken at various places including colleges, school for students and in the industries for the login logout time of employees. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university or company. Main objective of RFID based Attendance System project is to take the attendance of students or employees. Microcontroller does the task of storing the attendance of the respective person in the Microcontroller memory.

At many schools, colleges, classes or univercities existing attendance system is manual and it is taken on paper and it consumes lot of time. As we aware that many traditional “Attendance system” uses attendance register to note down the attendance. It has less accuracy. Also the administrative person needs to maintain the attendance papers / sheets. In many industries attendance register is used to note down the attendance of their employees. If school attendance is taken on roll call musters and in college's attendance is taken by respective professors. Problem with existing attendance system is that wrong attendance can be entered. For example, in an industry, employee can enter invalid/incorrect login logout time. They can come at 10am and can enter time as 8 am. Also in colleges one student can give proxy attendance of another student. Probability is less but it does happen.

To avoid all such problems, we recommend implementing VMS Attendance System which utilizes RFID cards. Thus it is a RFID based attendance system. In this system each user, student or employee will have a RFID card. And RFID reader will be placed on the door or the entry gate of the company or on the door of the classroom or school.

RFID cards can be bundled along with School Id cards so students dont have to carry it seperately. For college going students or professors, RFID keychain holders are also available. Alternatively elder students or teachers can be given smart card without holder so they can keep it in their wallet, and simply show the wallet without removing the ID card from the wallet. RFID module will read the card information.

Details of VMS RFID Hardware:

It contains following blocks

1) RFID Reader: Full form of RFID is “Radio Frequency Identification”. Wireless communication is used between RFID tags and RFID Reader. it is a non-contact type of reader. The Radio frequency used in our reader is 125 kHz which is a Low Frequency (LF).RFID reader interfacing with Microcontroller is done using serial port. RFID reader will communicate with Microcontroller using serial communication. When RFID tag comes in the range of Reader module, then RFID reader detects RFID card. And at that time RFID reader sends out a series of alphanumeric unique codes on the serial port. So while adding the employees/student card number in the program memory. First we need to store this series of alphanumeric code into program memory and later on this unique series of codes will be compared with the incoming card number.

2) RFID cards: There are two main types of RFID cards, Passive and Active. In VMS RFID System we use passive RFID tags. Passive RFID cards are safe for human as it does not emmit any signals by itself so students are not exposed to any signals while wearing or carrying it.

3) Microcontroller: It is the main component of the RFID Reader. It is the heart of the system. Microcontroller communicates with all input and output devices. It has a built in Buzzer and relay cutter which can be used for more advance implementation.

4) Cloud Services: The cloud services interact with VMS School App and School ERP to generate various reports and also to store logs of the RFID Reader.

How to view attendance?

For Schools, Colleges, Universities or Companies

Teachers or Admins have to open their supervisor app and click on Attendance Report in Student Management. There are various reports availaible like class wise attendance, individual student attendance, attendance summary, periodic attendance etc

For Parents

Parents can see attendance in real time. They have to open their Parent App and under Attendance icon they have to see the childs attendance. Incase of Photo Attendance they have to click Photo Attendance and view attendance details

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