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VMS Online Examination Management

VMS Exam Management (School & College)

Examination Management is an integral part of any academic institution. The Exam Processing is full of variety in functionality as the examination is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The progress-card defines  the performance of the student in each subject and defines criteria.

In the era of 21st century, the information and technology have completely changed the foundation of Education System in Schools / Colleges / Universities. With the evolution of human existence, there is tremendous change in the education. There are so many things to consider, the objectives of education, structured curriculum, How assessment strategies work?, What kind of technology and infrastructure is used? and How the leadership and their policies will guide the students in attaining education goals?

Problems in Manual Exam Management

If you are looking for a one-stop solution create online test for your school, college, university or classes students, then you are at the right destination. VMS Education Software provides you with a complete testing software.

It is designed as an efficient tool which helps the teachers in Exam planning, creating Exam papers, Question Banks with their solutions, Exam Time-table, Exam results, allocating the Exam supervisors and teachers to check the student's paper. Institutes can take in-house exams and also can customize the marks or grade based exams. This system provides all the details on single platform, which enables better study environment and transparency in the institute.

VMS Exam Management System

Examination times are the busiest for each school. VMS School Exam Management Software eases the task of examination processes in schools. Examination management module of VMS School ERP helps in administering following operations:

Conduct Online Examination, Customised Report Card and Track Students Progress

VMS Exam Management eliminates the unnecessary cost and paper wastage incurred during the examination process. Schools, Colleges or Any Education Institute can conduct both Objective Types Examination or Subjective Type written test, generate report cards in the brand and format of the Institute. This reduces workload for school staff, provide instant feedback on student progress and access to view their results in a single click.

What are typical features of an online examination system?

Obviously create an exam, add questions, set marks and correct answers, publish exam and finally publish results and generate certificates.

Manual Examination :

Teachers can arrange examinations with proper schedule planning and designing of the papers. Admin / Staff can use the method of manual examination. Genius Education Management also provides the feature in which teachers can add the manual examination details of the institute. They can set the different grading levels and different ranks to the students, according to their performance in the exams. They can add the name of the individual student, with the total number of marks scored in different subjects.

Question Bank :

For the better understanding and student's guidance. Admin can create the Question bank list for all the different subjects allocated them to teach, it will also show the question type for the papers and upload different types of questions with attachments. Teachers / Admin can import and upload different papers, question banks and solutions. Whereas, the students can view and download it from the system.

Online Examination :

The teacher or admin will create an online exam paper. In such an exam format they can create questions and add them to the exam. Also they can choose between multiple choice questions or long descriptive questions. The students are provided with a notification for the online exam, they need to sign up to their access login and can take the exam. Teacher / Admin can generate subject wise online exams and also provides an instant results, which will helps students to better self-evaluate.

Set Grading/ Ranking Levels :

The online examination module will help in calculating the student's grades and ranking levels. According to the students result, the ranks will be automatically allocated according to their performance. The student will get fast results with better evaluation process.

Exam Result & Report :

Admin / Teachers can disclose the results online of every individual student. The feature will help to Create, manage and release student's results online efficiently. Also they can generate different types of Reports containing student's monthly and yearly activities and performance evolution.

Supervisor and Examiner Management :

Manage different supervisors and examiners for all the different examinations. Also, can track and view examiner reports for checking papers. Admin can allocate supervisors and examiner according to their field of work and speciality. The system will self evaluate the class designation and allocate the class and section according to students class performance and ranking.

The Administrative Staff has the discretion to enter and manage:

Why VMS?

VMS is focused to provide you the best interface to manage your entire examination system. Currently administrators have great problem of managing the examinations. The VMS will manage your examination in a well structured and systematic way.

VMS provides you an easy to use interface to manage your part of examination in your institution. In this scenario, Institution needs to summarize attendance of each student (with eligibility criteria) and  internal assessment, submitting the examination form to the concern University, making a list of student appearing in an exam, taking attendance of the students during examination etc.

Online Examination

With VMS Education Software, institute can conduct online examination or even a weekly class test. Purpose is to measure the knowledge of the students on a given topic. In normal scenario everybody had to gather in a classroom at the same time to take an exam. With online examination students can do the exam online, in their own time, with their own device, regardless of where they live. You only need a browser and an internet connection. 

How online examination systems work

The teacher or course builder has an account on VMS System. Teacher create questions and add them to the exam. Teacher decides to have multiple choice questions, answer in one word, fill in the blank, match the colum or free text questions. The students need to attempt their exam at the specific time as declared by the teacher.

Who uses an online examination system?

Everybody who needs an exam to be taken for a group of students. Example schools, collegest, classes, univercities, or an individual teachers or even a companies for HR recruitment. 

Benefits of VMS Online Examination System

The big benefit of online examination is the cost and time saving, both for students and teachers.

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