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VMS School Mobile App

VMS School Mobile App?

VMS App is a Native App for Android and a Web-App for Iphone, for School/College/Institution. It's the first to work in online as well as offline mode for Teachers and Parents. The penetration of Mobile has out-numbered peneration of PC. The exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets has made mobile application increasingly popular for everyone.

VMS is India's leading mobile app for schools parent communication, attendance, online exams and fees payments.


Easy communication with schools

No more waiting till Parent Teacher Meeting for feedback. Ask for your child's progress to the teachers at a single click!

Easily stay updated about your child.

Get the school planning in advance in your mobile. No need to reach out for physical curriculums

Online Fee Payments

Pay fees online without any hassles of waiting in line to deposit cheques.Receive digitised receipts over VMS app.

Transport notifications and updates.

Get updates about when your kid reaches school and home. Track the status of the cab/bus.

Brand Building and High NPS.

Presents school as a technology oriented school focused on the child's growth. This in turn increases School's Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Reduced Costs & Increased Efficiency.

Leveraging technology to update all parents at the same time, saves time and increases efficiency.

Higher engagement with Parents

Timely feedback and higher engagement with parents creates better relations which in turn helps create parent friendly image for the schools.

Online Fee Management

Automated Fee Reminders with digitised fee receipts removes all manual intervention.

Integrated Communication

The system automatically identifies the parents not connected with the app and sends them SMS ensuring they are not left out.

Secured Data Access

Hosted on one of the most reliable servers on the cloud. Data is 128-bit SSL secured(Bank level security) and the platform has ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS level 1& HIPAA certifications.

Moderated Messaging

Institutes can send messages to all the parents but parents can send message only to the school.

General Benefits

VMS Mobile App besides being a parent-teacher communication app also makes life easier in running a school. At school the important stakeholders focused upon are The Principal, Teachers, Admin, and Parents, wherein all of them are seamlessly connected to build an integrated learning environment. For example, the principal gets transparency on major activities governing the school administration; parents are updated with the student’s homework, attendance, and talent mapping; Teachers can handle students professional well being efficiently while imparting education. The admin will update the principal on the safety, security, scholastics, and finance on a daily basis.

Dedicated School App for Administration Portal

School Admin with VMS Supervisor Apps and portal has control over numerous features from Class wise Students list, Teachers List, Non Teaching, Staff including vendors, Attendance and leave management, Lesson Plan of each teacher to Assignment allocation Class-Section wise, School Calendar, School Management App & many more.

Features of VMS Parent App

Below we can see Features of VMS Parent App for Communication

Features of VMS Teacher App

VMS Teacher App app is specially designed for Teachers and Parents. It’s very easy to use and communicate from anywhere.

Smarter Schools

VMS targets at making schools smarter, parent-teacher communication mobile app that helps school effectively share one-way announcements, real-time student attendance, GPS bus tracking, homework, fee schedule, exam results, time table, school calendar and much more, with just 1 click! Just think of the savings in terms of time, effort & material resources.

VMS is a revolutionary mobile communication app which enables private, real time & consistent communication, which keeps parents actively engaged with their child’s school performance and impressed, giving your school that true “Smart School” edge.

VMS App reaches parents quickly & privately where they are today….


Save time with automated Student & Teacher Attendance.

One Way Notice

Instantly communicate with parents at a Group or Individual level.

GPS Bus Tracking

Real-time bus tracking through GPS. No waiting & no calls to the driver or school.

Fee Ledger

Share student fee dues, paid / unpaid status & reminders easily with parents.

Leave Application

Parents can apply for student leave instantly. No more paper applications.


Share the annual event calendar with parents & sync individual calendars.


Engage parents directly with student homework & improve completion rate.

Exam Plan & Results

Directly share exam date sheet & individual student results.

Time Table

Click to easily share Time Table & updates with Parents.

Why VMS School App?

Empowers Schools to update parents easily. Always.

Enterprise grade secure servers, 2FA & 100% data privacy.

Hero Support
Same Day - On Site / Remote / Phone Support.

3rd Party Friendly
Export Data in popular formats for customized analysis.

School Branding

Brand the App with your School name & logo.
Simple Intuitive Interface, a few clicks get the job done.
Cloud Based and IT infrastructure.
Legacy Integration Hassle-Free integration with legacy systems & data.

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