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VMS Attendance Management

Classroom Management is one of the key areas for a teacher/professor where lot of time is wasted. This time could have otherwise been used effectively for a productive study time. Replacing these manual tasks of attendance taking, assignments management and feedback collection with some comprehensive apps can save a lot of precious teaching time.

Additional features like detailed attendance report, easy sharing of attendance details with parents, and automated storing of information in cloud servers makes the job a lot easy.

There are many attendance management apps available for diverse mobile and PC platforms, however if you are a teacher, an administrator or someone who is looking for some awesome app to enhance your attendance management job then you have landed to the right location. Here at VMS you will have a look at some of the best features available to teachers, schools, colleges, classes or universities for managing regular attendance and various classroom management task.

Why schools and Colleges Need Automated Student Attendance Management System?

“Attendance”- an unavoidable part of any class or lecture.

As significant as attendance is, it consumes a lot of class time and doesn’t contribute toward student progress.

The crucial class-time can be saved with VMS student attendance system, which is an automated solution to not only mark attendance but also to find out meaningful patterns in order to monitor student performance around key metrics and contribute towards student security.

VMS Online Attendance Management System helps school/colleges to use computerized systems, instead of old-fashioned manual processes. All attendance related work is done on paper i.e., the whole session attendance is stored in the register and at the end of the session, the reports are generated. It makes the daily attendance a very weary task for the faculties.

The objective of the school attendance software is to reduce the time that is consumed when attendance is taken manually. Unlike the manual process, an online system easily helps management to analyse student’s attendance details as per requirement. It helps to maintain the accurate record and generate summarized student attendance reports for the students by applying various criteria.

A detailed summary of student attendance history can be obtained in an instant.

How Beneficial is Attendance Management System for Schools?

In today's competitive world, with increasing working hours and less classroom time, teachers need Ed Tech tools which help them manage precious class time efficiently. Instead of focusing on teaching, faculty members are often stuck with completing formal duties, for e.g. taking daily student attendance.

Manually taking attendance and registering it in files ; musters makes the daily attendance a mundane task for the faculty and unnecessarily consumes classroom time.

To overcome such inefficient work processes, there are various school software systems available to speed up the attendance process and reduce manual work. An online attendance management system or digital attendance platform is one of them, which is developed to automate the daily attendance in schools. Additionally, it helps to maintain accurate child records and generate summarized student attendance reports.

VMS Attendance Automation

#1. Reduced Hassles in Teaching Process

Requires little to no effort from the teacher, which means a reduced workload on the teacher. All that the students have to punch-in or flash the RFID card in front of the device, RFID attendance. Whereas attendance marked with an app merely requires 60 seconds from the teacher.

No paperwork, no manual attendance, and no wastage of time lead to reduced hassle and enables the already overburdened teacher to concentrate more on teaching.

#2. Improvement in Student Outcomes

Attendance is directly linked with student success; a good attendance improves student outcomes as it keeps them in loop with the curriculum. We have experienced an increase in student attendance when parents are involved in the attendance lifecycle.

With an automated attendance management system, parents can be directly looped in the student learning journey, as the student attendance can be conveyed via mobile app or SMS. This not only ensures security but also reminds parents to be in constant touch, thus improving student learning outcomes.

#3: Higher Institutional ROI (Return on Investment)

A school, college or university can save up to thousands of rupees monthly by automating student attendance. If a teacher has 7 lectures a day and requires 10 minutes to mark attendance for each lecture then nearly 70 minutes are consumed in marking attendance. If there are 50 teachers in the institution then each day 58 hours are required for the mundane task of marking attendance.

The 58 hours can easily be reduced to 1 hour, and the considerable amount of teacher's time saved can be utilized towards improving student outcomes.

#4: Improved Accuracy ; Accessibility

Since the attendance is automated, you can be sure that the data is accurate and error-free. Once the attendance is marked, the captured data gets stored in the student attendance management system, from where anyone having the rights can view the attendance details. This feature is especially useful while locating a particular student or while analysing trends.

Student attendance records are required by compliance ; accreditation agencies such as The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) , which can be tedious simplifies ; streamlines everything.

#5: Enhanced Student Security

The attendance data captured by the app, RFID device is stored in the VMS Attendance Management System, which ensures zero data manipulation as it provides role-based access. The data stored in the ERP, it is protected by multiple layers of security along with strong encryption, making it immune to a data security breach and potential threats.

Furthermore, you can trigger automated SMS, email or app notifications to parents or guardians, informing them about the presence or absence of their ward. Notifying parents ensures that all the stakeholders are well informed and aware of the student’s whereabouts.

#6: Analytics-Enabled System

The capability to analyse student performance using attendance data is, perhaps, the most significant reason why you need an attendance monitoring system.
The educational ERP provides you with BI (Business Information)tools in the form of dashboards. The dashboards give you accurate graphical data about anything and everything, instantly.

Using the attendance data dashboard, you can determine the attendance trends of your institution, a particular class, a specific subject or even a particular student. Consider tracking attendance of a class of students for a period of one month. You can see the graph and instantly identify if the attendance is increasing, decreasing or is almost the same.

Based on the results of the analysis, you can make timely decisions, and even check whether the corrective measures are effective or not. This enables you to constantly monitor student performance and improve student outcomes.

Moreover, if these reports are to be compiled manually, then nearly 80 man hours are required which includes mapping the attendance of hundreds of students with classes and subjects along with teachers. Whereas with the student attendance management system, several reports according to the user-specific fields can be generated in only 10 minutes.

#7. Attendance tracking app is also helpful in monitoring employee, teacher shifts, synchronizing, and planning the workflow. It also helps to allocate resources.

Best Ways of Automating Student Attendance

There are various methods of automating the attendance process and schools can choose a system that suits their requirements the best. VMS Integrated school app with Educational ERP Software is a great way to reduce a teacher’s hassles.VMS is one such app that provides automation of student attendance in schools, colleges, classes or universities.

There are several ways in which attendance can be automated. Some of them are -

1.VMS School App - Attendance Module

2.VMS RFID Attendance System for Schools, Colleges and Companies

1. VMS School App, Attendance Management

Being the most trust-worthy Educational ERP providers in the market from the past two decades and still maintaining the trust make – VMS Attendance Software is the highly recommended software by ERP experts.

VMS School Mobile Apps not just provide seamless communication between parents and teachers but can also help in managing student attendance because of the following three major reasons.

Key Advantages of VMS Attendance Automation

In a nutshell, VMS automated attendance management system is a feasible, reliable, and efficient alternative to manual attendance which tends to consume a lot of the teacher's precious classroom time, which can otherwise be saved!

2.VMS RFID Attendance System for Schools, Colleges and Companies

Child safety, in today’s times, is one of the most essential and basic rights that we can give our children. However, with the extent of crime rate against children that is afflicting our country and our world, this basic right is being denied to them. Did you know that almost one lakh children go missing every year when they are travelling to or from school? Some of these children are kidnapped for ransom but most of them end up in illegal trades.

It has thus become a matter of critical importance that our children stay safe when fulfilling their right to education. And the burden of each student’s safety lies heavily upon the educational institutions they belong to, be they schools or colleges. Guaranteeing the safety of its students not only brings peace of mind to the school management and student’s parents, it also builds the institution’s goodwill in the market. When people know that a particular school is proactively concerned about the safety of its students, more parents are willing to enrol their children into that institution.

This is the line of thought that governs VMS RFID Smart Attendance System. At the outset, our attendance systems are devices that automatically mark student attendance. As an advanced feature, the attendance record of the student is also sent to his or her parents, using a notification/SMS. Parents can thus be assured of their wards’ safety, knowing that they have reached school safely. Many renowned schools have already incorporated this system into their way of life. And we hope you will adopt this healthy safety practice into your educational system too.


Save time, money and effort using the simplest tool available to track your class, group, event, or employee attendance.

The mobile version of the VMS is convenient, easily accessible, and you can take it with you wherever you go. All you need is your smartphone!

The online attendance management system by VMSZone has been built to eliminate the time and effort wasted in taking attendance. It is the best ERP Software that fulfils the requirement of the system for which it has been developed. The system has reached at such a level where all bugs have been eliminated and operated efficiently.

Remember that the future of your institution is dependent on your decision! As Keri Russell once quoted -“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”

Therefore, as an educator, you must give it a thought!

It is clearly a win-win situation for you!

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