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What is Online Exam Management Software?

Examination management is one of the key areas where lot of universities face challenges in terms of scalability or conducting online exams for thousands of users simultaneously. Some of the universities succeeded but some of the universities fail to implement online examination processes.

What is going to be there in 2021?
Today I am going to discuss about online assessment Trends which are going to be defined in the coming years.

Rise in Online Exam Management

We saw in 2021 a lot of institutes universities schools started adopting online examination platform.
They initially started with conducting multiple choice questions based online exams.
Where students were asked multiple choice based questions and select one of the suitable answer option.

In case of traditional pen and paper based exams education institutions are quite used to conducting such exam where student need to draw diagrams or they need to write on something on the paper.

But in case of online examination process some of the limitations that education institutions saw was conducting subjective exams.

So VMS platform has come up with various Innovative features related to subjective exams.

Special Features innovated by VMS

  • There is a facility available to upload particular documents associated with subjective exams.

  • Student can take a photograph of that document and it can be uploaded as answer for the respective question and examiner can log into the system and can evaluate those answers. So lot of schools colleges universities have adopted such online subjective examination platform in 2020, and they are likely to continue adopting such a platform.

  • Conducting such exam across multiple cities have become simplified with the help of technology.

  • So students are situated at multiple locations, but they are able to appear for the online exams in a seamless manner with the help of remote proctoring scenario.

  • It also helps woth generating Results automatically.

  • You can generate Results of each students automatically with the help of VMS and send it to each student respectively! Students can save / print the result as per their needs.

  • You conduct online exam in multiple languages as well.

  • If a student want to attempt online exam in any other languages like Gujarati Hindi English Marathi or even any International languages like Chinese, there is a facility available in the VMS platform where examiner can Define question in the respective languages and even students will get the facility to attempt those exams in the respective languages.

  • Entire user interface can be converted in the user preferred language and user can appear for the exam in their own languages.

  • As per the need of the school/institution,the VMS interface can be changed to any language as per their needs so that the children can use it comfortably!

  • Online examination system also provides flexibility where you can define a timer for question as well.

  • A specific question will be displayed on the screen only for 60 seconds [or as required] after that 60 seconds. System will force students to attempt the next question and student will not be able to navigate to the previous question or cannot navigate to the next question as well.

    Even there is a facility available where you can do the question randomization, or you can shuffle the questions associated with exam.

  • Other Facilities
  • VMS platform provides facilities where examiner can share detailed feedback to the students with particular answer.
    Students can even download the detailed feedback, which can be easily shared with their parents as well.

    So 2020 saw online examination process, which has been adopted by various universities which resulted in a huge cost savings associated with overall examination management.

    You can also define various other configurable parameters, like question topic hierarchy subject topic hierarchy associated with the exam whether you want to enable negative marking or not.

    So all such facilities are definitely going to provide acceleration associated with online examination adoption.


We at VMS platform have been working with multiple institution, various multinational organizations associated with certification authorities who are conducting online exams successfully with the help of VMS.

We have adopted best practices associated with online exam after taking into consideration feedback from various school and colleges.

We have also taken into consideration feedback provided by the students while attempting the exam.

So if you're interested in converting your traditional exam or even if you are interested in improving your online examination process, then please connect with us for the demonstration purpose.
We will be more than happy to share the details associated with the best practices of online examination process.

So to conclude 2021 is likely to see more and more such online examination approaches which will be adopted by education institution.
So all such technology driven approaches are very useful.

Any education institution can easily convert their offline exam in an online manner which will provide them flexibility.

They can reduce cost associated with examination management as well as they can declare the results in a quick time.

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